This is an interesting phrase; Your Health is Not in Their Corporate Interest. I first heard this phrase this week about the tobacco companies and possible changes in regulatory the law for tobacco. I had been thinking about this concept though, for the last few weeks. My thoughts turned in this direction after reading a Wall Street Journal article on Prilocec and it’s parent company Proctor and Gamble.

This article described how a member of Prilosec’s marketing team had attended an evening of Bunco, a social game that included (at least this particular evening) a table full of heartburn causing foods. So, guess what happened. Prilosec’s target market is middle aged women who love to party with friends. Voila, an opportunity! So now, Prilosec is sponsoring Bunco tournaments to help more middle ages women achieve even higher levels of indigestion and heartburn so they can sell more Prilosec.

This struck me as especially strange because personally I have been following a vegetarian, non-fat diet and losing lots of weight while feeling great, healthy and satisfied. I have been following the diet recommended by Joel Furhman in his book Eat to Live and have been very excited about how great it makes me feel. So, when I read about corporate sponsorships designed to improve the ill health of large numbers of middle aged women (prime heart attack and diabetes candidates, nevermind heartburn candidates) I became more than a little shocked. I begin to wonder how else we as consumers are being manipulated into thinking that self-destructive behavior is right action.

Maybe you have run across examples in your own experience?


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