This article will detail the benefits of VoIP for business. It has become obvious that VoIP can play an important part in business, so obvious that it can no longer be ignored. It can even increase a company’s profit margins, as VoIP can be used to hold business meetings. Additional information is available in this article. Essentially VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is used to make calls and direct communications.

No Travel Expenses – Cut back

A VoIP unit will almost always be less than your annual spend on travel. It will like the person you’re speaking to is sitting beside you, although you’re using a VoIP unit. The recent economic conditions have made it difficult for some companies to maintain their profits. VoIP could be the way forward for your company if you think the cost of travelling to meetings is too expensive. It’s not just the travel costs that you need to take into account, you will also need to cover the salary of the people travelling, plus any of their expenses. The majority of corporate meetings can now occur over VoIP according to research. Travel costs will be abolished thanks to VoIP. However, you won’t just save money; you will also save time as you won’t need to travel. It can be hard to financially justify the cost of travelling to meetings. However, a VoIP unit will last you several years, meaning that you will get a return on investment almost immediately.

Better Proficiency

Decisions can be made quicker using VoIP, which will only increase your company’s productivity. A phone conversation makes it difficult to distinguish what mood the person you’re speaking to is in. Jobs get completed quicker through good communication. Audio-visual calls are now available on almost all VoIP pieces. When we can see the person we’re speaking to, logically better communication occurs. Therefore, phone and e-mail aren’t fundamentally the best ways to communicate. When team members are working from different locations that is when communication errors are most likely to occur.

Enhanced Recruitment

Other decision makers can be involved in the recruitment process, without having to be physically present at the interview. You can record interviews and then play them back, as long as you have the prior consent from the candidate. VoIP is also good for holding preliminary interviews as you find out if candidates are suitable for the position, without having to invite them to your offices.

Staff Holding

Most people use Skype in their homes. So now more people can work from home and contact their managers using VoIP. It can be expensive to provide business mobiles to all your employees. Research has shown that employees would be more likely to stay with their company if they were allowed to spend more time at home. In fact, 84% of the 50,000 employees by the Corporate Executive Board said they were unhappy with their work/life balance. When it came to handing in their notice, the everyday commute to the office was the main reason given.

Rich Media Ability

Mobile phones are now capable of VoIP calls. This means that the communications trade is open to a whole new market. So not only are clients getting many media options but also a whole host of devices that they can use. VoIP can be used by other applications and protocols making rich media capacity possible. This is what allows us to transfer images, make video or calls, send messages and see whether our friends are online or offline. However, this ever advancing technology is only making customer more demanding. It’s hard to believe that once upon a time phones could only make phone calls, it was considered advanced when fax was introduced.

Telephone Portability

VoIP offers you the choice to keep your phone number. So if you’re moving to a new property you can transfer the number rather than changing the phone number. You can keep the number wherever you go as, so long as you have good IP connectivity on your phone. So if you are constantly travelling as part of your business duties then this could be suitable for you. Just as long as you have a VoIP phone, you can keep the same number.

Competitive Advantage

We are more likely to trust people when we can see them. Businesses are now often being contacted by customers through Skype and other VoIP applications. Your business can gain the competitive benefit by incorporating VoIP into your calls.

Environmental Initiatives

As you won’t need to travel as much, your company’s carbon footprint will be reduced. So when you’re filling in your CSR report, you can include your VoIP unit.

When you’re buying a VoIP unit, keep these thoughts in mind:

For VoIP to work at its full capacity, it requires a broadband internet connection
Where the VoIP unit will be stored
How many people will be involved in any of the calls
The place where you will be using it
Entrance Phone Arrival Buzzer Merger

Do you hate it when you’re busy at your desk and suddenly the buzzer for the door goes off and you have to get up to let them in? Now with VoIP you can integrate this facility into your phone, so you can allow them access to the building via your phone.

Find Me/Follow Me Call Routing

If you’re out of the office, you have your calls diverted to your mobile and home phone. However, you can set-up a list of numbers so that any numbers you don’t recognise will not be diverted. Those callers will just be directed to your voicemail.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

Do you hate listening to your voicemails and then looking for a pen to write down names, phone numbers and addresses? You can now read your voicemails with the voicemail to email transcription service from VoIP. So now if you accidentally delete a voicemail, you will have a backup copy just in case.

Song on Hold

When you place a caller on hold, you can have music playing in the background on some VoIP units. The worst thing a caller can hear when on hold is silence.

This piece was written by Brian Madden; Virtual Publicising Associate at Crown Telecom. I often write about technology and things about the communications business.


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