It just wouldn’t be summer without thinking about the great outdoors and that means lots of outdoors activity. For many of us, camping out under canvas (does anybody still use canvas?) is the highlight of the summer. Once upon a time camping was a rough and ready experience, definitely not for the feint hearted. Technology has made the experience far easier so what follows is around up of the best camping gadgets to take with you when you head back to nature, the list has been written by UK and French camping holiday specialists Family Camping Reviews.

Pocket Shower definitely civilization comes to camping with the Pocket Shower. A clever, tough black plastic bag that you fill with water and leave hanging in the sun during the day. At the end of the day you come back to camp to a hot shower. The black colour absorbs the heat during the day and the water gets hot – soooo simple.

Sol Origin – the ultimate survival kit. If you thought the Swiss Army knife was good, check this little baby out. One hand operable it packs in a number of features no self respecting camper can do without. It includes a waterproof fire starterand a whistle that is 100dB loud and can be heard more than a mile away. Don’t leave home without it.

Coleman Portable Coffee Maker – now your talking my language. Powered by gas this little beauty makes up to 10 cups of steaming hot proper coffee. None of that instant muck, it’s fresh filtered coffee in the great outdoors.

Solarmonkey Adventurer Solar Charger – if you really can’t bear to be without your contact to the world then use this solar powered charger to make sure your iPhone stays powered up. 12 hours of sunlight is enough to re-charge your iPhone completely.

Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven Stove – just what every modern foodie needs when they are out in the wilds. With two gas rings and a small oven, a single propane gas can will last for five hours and will allow you to cook a full meal. Just not to sure if it’s travelling light though?

Lifesaver Water Filtration Bottle – there is no need to run out of drinking water with the Lifesaver Water Filtration bottle. This neat little plastic bottle contains all of the necessaries to completely remove all microbiological pathogens in water. Simply fill with water from your local stream and the water is fit to drink in just seconds.

Firestar Fire Piston – The Firestar Piston is a Rolls Royce fire starting device. Highly engineered, it will produce vital sparks for kindling fire time after time.

Portable Mosquito Repeller – power this effective device with AA batteries and this six inch tall device uses a blend of lemon grass, geranium, cinnamon and peppermint oils to keep mozzies at bay.

Powerpot – yet another great gadget for keeping your mobile devices charged up. Just plug the device into any mains electric supply and it will boil water and convert the heat energy to power for charging all manner of USB devices – brilliant, who said water and electricity don’t mix!

Sea To Summit Kitchen Sink – now you can take the kitchen sink camping. This waterproof container holds up to 20 litres of hot soapy water so you can wash up after you have eaten and then empty and fold away afterwards.


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