Technical or not, every CEO understands the importance of software in running their business. It is key because it performs tasks in an instant that used to involve hours of staff time. There are many software applications that companies can select and each will come with a license agreement for a finite time and will include automatic updates as the product evolves.

Software piracy is certainly a problem. It is more likely to occur with individuals but it is not something that a company can afford to be involved in. At the same time companies need to handle their licensing efficiently so that the license is sufficient for the copies installed but no more. There are legal implications in having too few licenses and a business can ill afford to be involved in such a situation from a reputation point of view. There are also the individual terms of use that need to be adhered to.

There are a number of issues that a management strategy will consider:

• Reducing the overall costs involved with software and rationalizing the licenses to eliminate waste. If there is volume involved then negotiating a deal to reflect that.
• Enforcing security issues.
• Improving performance by using the right technology for the job.
• Establishing an overall strategy for the future.

You will always get a warning when a license agreement is about to run out; it may be 30 days or 7 days but you really should have the details of all your licenses in one place so you will know the exact position rather than needing a reminder.

No business in today’s environment can work without the support of software. It can provide all the support needed; an example perhaps can be an up to the minute database of all the key issues and personnel involved in your business sector, the decision makers and the latest information on the progress of legislation that affects you.

Unless yours is a particularly technical company, you are likely to need outside expertise and doing research on the Internet to find what you want is a simple exercise. The popular search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo will respond to a focused search with a list of companies whose websites may be able to help. In all likelihood, the keyword or phrase you used in the search will be central in the text within specific websites.

You want to use a company whose website is easy to navigate and full of important information. It needs to show you the company understands the need for flexibility and service.

At you will see a company that specializes in the provision of software license management. Whatever your issue, you will find a solution for it and you are invited to ring with questions or comments. You need not commit to anything even then. The swift response you receive may well convince you of the high level of service you would receive if you decided to proceed further.

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