After the launch of iOS 6, many people would be anxious about the state of unlock on iOS 6 with three famous methods which include SAM, Gevey SIM and Ultrasn0w. Let’s analyze these tools and see if there’s any sign of hope. Before reading our analysis, we feel obliged to tell you that iOS 6 beta 1 has changed the baseband of iPhone 3GS to 05.16.06, iPhone 4 to 04.12.02 and iPhone 4S to 02.8.01. All these modem firmwares can’t be unlocked as of now.


Now its time to see what are the chances of success of each tool we mentioned earlier.

SAM Unlock

From the three methods, SAM was the only one which was able to unlock any baseband. But, its success didn’t last for many days because Apple fixed the exploit present on its servers. Those people who got their phone unlocked in that time period with saved activation tickets should be able to use their device on any iOS. Although, we haven’t tested it on iOS 6 but the below Tweet suggests that it should work on new mobile OS.

We’re going to still advise people using SAM to stay away from iOS 6 until we get some solid confirmation.

iPhone users who missed this opportunity will have to wait unfortunately for some other solution. We don’t think that new SAM method is going to come anytime soon unless Apple makes another mistake on server-side.


Gevey SIM

Applenberry, the company which manufactures Gevey SIM is in a lot of trouble after its failure to deliver 4.11.08 unlock and using SAM exploit in its Interposer SIM without telling its users. Although, they did apologize publicly but this is not enough. People want them to up their game and if they want to regain some respect then they should put all their efforts to unlock iOS 6. We haven’t heard anything from them yet.


Due to tough Apple security, making a software unlock is not easy these days. When a hardware solution like Gevey is so difficult to make, you can imagine that how tough it can be to develop a software method like Ultrasn0w. It’s out of the game from long time now. Now it only gets update in order to make it iOS compatible. Chances of iOS 6 unlock from Ultrasn0w are quite thin.


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