Hi! Friends presently in this cosmos privacy is a major concern not for just for one or two but extensively for all of us, thus Facebook Unseen Crome Extension trick serves best for the purpose. It’s a boom to the users to wish to conceal the read status of the received messages from any of their friends or other senders. So, without much ado we would learn how to use this  “Facebook Unseen Crome Extension“ trick in this tutorial.

Facebook Unseen Crome Extension Trick

Facebook has provided its users with the “SEEN” feature which simplifies the communication methodology and bridges the gaps between users passing clear information that the message has been read to the sender’s end. But sometimes it becomes important to tuck away these information due to a privacy concern, a skulk or other reasons. Thus to obscure the message read status now we are equipped with Facebook Unseen Crome Extension feature; this restricts Facebook to identify if you look at those messages.

Steps that you can follow to download FACEBOOK UNSEEN CROME EXTENSION

You can install “Facebook Unseen Crome Extension” in your Google Crome Web Browser like a normal extension.

  1. We have provided you with the link to the concerned extension, open this page and tap or click on Add to Chrome .
  2. Meanwhile extension status will be checked and you will be asked to confirm again!
  3. Thereafter in few seconds application will be downloaded and installed, you will notice a new icon on top right corner of the address bar or you can access this feature by viewing the installed apps section in your crome browser.
  4. You may click on this very icon to toggle FACEBOOK Unseen On or Off. This will obscure all your messages status by disabling the “SEEN” feature of Facebook.

My Personal Experience :-

With this extension you will have additional advantages of : –

  1. Blocking Facebook Ads
  2. And Recondite yourself from reading seen status of others ( The very same way you concealed it from others :P)

These options may or may not be useful to you but it may provide some added advantage to you.

I expect this Facebook Unseen Crome Extension trick would be useful to you if you are privacy lover and don’t want others to share those read status. Try this trick, Enjoy. That’s all for now stay tuned, bookmark and subscribe us to stay updated in this techno-cosmos as I say.

If you have any problems regarding this then you can comment down below.

Have Fun and stay connected to Techgon .


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