Usually, a PDF file is meant to be a read-only document. This means that once a PDF document is created, you can only view it and read it. Making changes is usually not possible. However, things can be made much easier if you have the original file or document with you. You can always use that to make any of the changes that you need to. However, if you don’t have the original file, then there are a few other suggestions that could help you in editing the changes that you require.

Convert the PDF

One way of editing a PDF file is by converting it into a Word document. Convert the file into a doc, odg or a rtf format. After converting the file, you can make all the necessary changes in the word document. After making all the changes, you can convert the file back into a PDF format. Basically, you need to convert the file into a format that you can edit. There are many free software that are available online. These can be used to convert the pdf into a text document. There are free pdf converters as well which can be used to convert the text file back into the pdf format. All these are available online. One of the free software includes the PDF combiner which allows you to combine multiple pdf documents into one comprehensive document.

Use a text converter to import the PDF document and create a text version of it. After making the requisite tweaks, use a free PDF convert to change it back. Do this using the ‘Import’ and ‘Export’ options.
Some pdf documents have copy-paste options available. In that case, you can always copy the text directly onto a text document and make the requisite changes. Once that is done, you can format the document and then import it into a PDF converter which then instantly converts your document back into the PDF format.

Annotating PDF documents

While you might not be able to make direct changes to the text or the graphics of the document, you can still annotate it, depending on the permissions of the file creator. You can go through the text and then add your footnotes and comments on the side, through enabling that option, if available.

Another way of editing a pdf document is by adding sticky notes as comments. If you want to edit a document which is in a pdf format, you can keep adding sticky notes as and when the changes are required. Then you could always send it back to the owner who could incorporate the changes using the directions on the sticky notes using the parent file and then incorporate that into the pdf file once again.

In case you are looking to change the meta data of the pdf file then there are some online tools available as well. These will help you edit features like title, name of the author, date of creation, etc. You can also use these tools to create passwords so that the readership can be restricted. Editing multiple pdf files and consolidating them can be done through a PDF combiner.

Using professional software

Unfortunately most free software comes with various limitations that don’t allow you full functionality. If you are looking to edit PDF files on a daily basis, then you will need to pay and get professional software. There are different ones available on the market. These allow you to edit PDF files like they are Word documents.

Linda is a freelance software developer in the industry for the last decade. She runs a website where users can download free software including a PDF combiner. When she is not at the computer, Linda loves to play around with origami.


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