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Electronic gadgets have been dedicating how we live mostly because of how practical they are. From phones to laptops to ipods and ipads, these are gadgets and several others that we find necessary to have. But there are gadgets being developed that will make one want to own them even though we do not necessarily need them. These gadgets are crazy in design plus they are practical in weird but obvious ways. Here is a list of a few of them that will surely drive you crazy.

USB shoe drier

• Nobody enjoys moving from place to place in the rainy season more so when one’s shoes get wet but thanks to the Japanese-based company Thanko, a solution has been developed called the USB shoe drier.

• The gadget looks like two miniature dog-like objects connected to a USB cable. Once connected to a USB port, the dog-like objects are inserted in each shoe and the drying process begins.

• It is also practical when one wants to wear shoes that have been washed.

The Acoustable

• This has to be the coolest must-have table in the market. The acoustable is a fusion of a coffee table, sound system and a power terminal designed by two Belgians Wolfgang Bregertzer and Jerome Spriet.

• The sound system consists of speakers, a woofer, an amplifier and is fitted with USB and ipod ports to assist consumers enjoy the comfort of their own portable music.

• With the power terminal, one can not only charge their phones and ipods but also laptops and other electrical gadgets.


• The babelfisk is a speech-to-text gadget in the shape of reading glasses designed to help deaf people read what is being said to them.

• A Dane by the name of MadsHindhede designed this one of a kind gadget.

• The gadget has a speech recognition program that converts what is being said to words and then the words are displayed on the lenses of the glasses.

• It is also fitted with a flash drive that records the speeches and text to replay later. With this capability, this device can come in handy for those students too lazy to pay attention or for those who sleep in class.
Robotic Litter Box

• For those who love to keep cats or would want to have one but do not want to be involved in the process of emptying the litter box, well this device is for you.

• The robotic litter box is gadget that consists of two compartments. One where the cat gets in to perform its “business” and the other where the litter is contained called the waste drawer.

• The robotic litter box automatically knows when the cat is done and sifts through the waste which is deposited in a garbage bag in the waste drawer.

• the waste drawer can contain several days’ worth of litter and also comes equipped with a mechanism that helps contains the odour.

A Feel Good Thing (AFGT) Gaming Device

• The AFGT promises to be the most advanced gaming device that is sure to give gamers a thrilling experience.

• The aim of the gadget is to connect the gamer with the virtual terrain of any game.

• It is a keyboard shaped object with a flat surface all round. Inside the device are touch-sensitive silicon air pockets that are connected to a pressure generator.

• Although it is still a concept, images of the gadget are circulating everywhere in the web and promises to be a sure hit once released.

These are just a few of the gadgets that are sure to drive you crazy by just how cool and weird they are but also very practical. More information on these products can be found in the internet including price listings. In case of problems with internet connections make sure to call sky contact to assist with your broadband.


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