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Your Health is Not in Their Corporate Interest

This is an interesting phrase; Your Health is Not in Their Corporate Interest. I first heard this phrase this week about the tobacco companies and possible changes in regulatory the law for tobacco. I had been thinking about this concept though, for the last few weeks. My thoughts turned in …

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Exercise Makes Your Heart Younger

We all know that exercise is good for the body.  Most of us know that it’s good for the heart as well. But recently it was discovered that consistent exercise over time actually builds heart muscle and keeps your heart young.  It seems to make some sense though.  When you …

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The Benefits Of Coconut Oil Pulling


Oil Pulling has been used for overall health for thousands of years. It is one of the recommended health treatments in the Ayurvedic texts, an ancient medical system that is still in use today. Ayurvedic practitioners—and oil pullers—are found around the world. How It Works Oil Pulling is simple to …

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Wait For Online Business To Get Noticed

Though everyone makes a business online to make some money, it is important to have some patience once the business is set. There are many things after a website is created to be done to make the business run. Online Business Should Be Safe While it is time to set …

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Basic ways to edit a PDF file

Usually, a PDF file is meant to be a read-only document. This means that once a PDF document is created, you can only view it and read it. Making changes is usually not possible. However, things can be made much easier if you have the original file or document with …

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Software Supervision Manages your Strategy

Technical or not, every CEO understands the importance of software in running their business. It is key because it performs tasks in an instant that used to involve hours of staff time. There are many software applications that companies can select and each will come with a license agreement for …

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Benefits of VoIP for Companies

This article will detail the benefits of VoIP for business. It has become obvious that VoIP can play an important part in business, so obvious that it can no longer be ignored. It can even increase a company’s profit margins, as VoIP can be used to hold business meetings. Additional …

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The importance of mobile applications for your business

There are almost 6.8 billion mobile users across the world and this number is consistently rising and the demand for mobile apps is also increasing. Whether the people are using the mobile phones, smart phones or tablets, they demand for applications. That is why mobile applications are of so much …

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